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K. Gangadhara Gowda

Ex-minister govt. of Karnataka
Prasanna Education Trust®

10 years ago, Prasanna Education Trust® set out with a goal to train raw talent amidst the rural population and bring out the much needed professionals in them. It’s God’s grace and the continued efforts of our skilled faculty who have injected their soul and spirit to make this goal achievable. The advent of globalization of our global economy has had a tremendous impact on our life-style, culture, education and technology. Our pursuit of excellence over the year has enabled us to build the state-of-the- art infrastructure and equipment. Our staff continuously strives to updates themselves to keep up with the ever changing technological scenario there by helping our students to emerge as competent professions of rare distinction. We believe in seeing ahead and preparing you for the unforeseen and the innovations to come.

Dr Reshma G. Gowda

Prasanna Education Trust®

I have always pride myself with the Prasanna Education Trust. I have witness their undying support for rural development in terms of education and well-being. The faculty has been remarkable over the years. Not only do they identify themselves with the vision of the trust, they also do that little extra to help out in whatever way they could. I extended heartfelt gratitude to the people of my taluk for their trust and support in me during my initial stages as the secretary of the trust. As water is to life, the widespread faculty has been my backbone, my mentor and my staunch support in executing my responsibilities. I extend all my support and best wishes to Prasanna Group of Institutions and faculty and I am sure they will make their presence felt.

Ranjan G. Gowda

Prasanna Education Trust®

It is my pleasure to have a well-equipped institutions in a very backward Malnad area like Laila, Belthangady. I congratulate Prasanna Education Trust ® for establishing institutions with qualified staff and equipped with all the modern technological facilities to cater to the needs of aspiring youths of rural area. I welcome our young men and women to avail this opportunities of pursuing technical and medical education in this great institution.

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About P.E.T

The Trust is actively involved in the low-cost replica watches field of education, socio-cultural activities since 2003 and running 10 institutions imparting education from primary to higher education.

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