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We believe in us and Education is Power


The management has laid emphasis in providing the best facilities could ask for. Sophisticated lab instruments will ensure students always have the availability to conduct hi-tech experiments and also prepare themselves for the real deal ata work environment. The management is never reluctant to introduce new technologies which may assist the lab for further research and development purposes.


The library boasts of its richness in educational resources. Text books, journals, reports and every other piece of important textual material is made available to the students. The librarians are highly trained and would always know what a student would require for his field of study. Apart from the usual, the library also has state–of-the-art automated library software which helps in tracking books, their details and likes saving valuable time for staff and students alike. Not to forget the ample generosity shown in terms of infrastructure wherein space and ventilation stand out.


An excellent hostel facility is provided to the students. Separate arrangements are made for either gender of students. Skillful wardens make sure regulations are designed to promote peace of mind and healthy relationships among hostel dwellers. Problems ranging from infrastructure to personal needs are addressed as quickly and efficiently as possible. The hostel mess is monitored strictly for cleanliness and hygiene. The cooks are regularly trained to provide nutritious food to the students.

Transport Facilities

Prasanna Education Trust has acquired a large fleet of buses and other forms of transport over the years. Transport facilities are affordable to all students. The transport operators are trained for on-spot emergency situations and safe driving.


100 beds hospital with spacious and well ventilated Special, Semi special and general ward facilities

Coffee Day

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Xerox Center

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Generator (Power backup)

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